Banana Viet Nam

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Cavendish bananas (also known as Philippine bananas) in Vietnam are often heard as the old South American banana variety, which is a highly commercial banana variety, accounting for 47% of the total global production during 1998-2000 and banana is the main production in the world.

Cavendish bananas are of cardamom, 5m - 6m tall, are perennial, round, soft, straight, with leaf sheaths. The leaves are big and long. The fruit lies on the chamber, with 6-8 fruits, each has about 12 left. Canvendish bananas are small, long, fragrant. When ripe, the shell is still green but when ripe, the shell turns yellow. Delicious banana, with a mild sweet taste.

Cavendish bananas are highly nutritious banana varieties of essential nutrients such as protein, fat starch, Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, ... especially Pectin - which helps digestion. , good absorption and anti intestinal infection.