Coffee instant G7 milk

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Brand G7
Made in Vietnam
Ingredients Sugar, cream powder (containing milk protein), instant coffee, maltodextrin, salt
The taste is mild, the taste is strong
Volume 16g x 18 packs

Product information
3in1 G7 instant coffee extracted directly from clean, pure coffee beans from the legendary red basalt soil of Buon Ma Thuot combined with roasting technology and control center in Germany and Trung Nguyen has created a kind of G7 instant coffee is very fragrant, delicious, helps you quickly wake up to work.

3in1 G7 instant coffee brings convenience to users, helps those who like the right coffee get a cup of coffee but still save time.

User manual
Hot drink: Mix 1 packet of coffee with 75ml of hot water and stir well.

Cold drink: Mix 2 packets of coffee with 75ml of hot water, stir well and add ice.

Cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.