Diaper Paste Pamper Baby Dry

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- Non-invasive back: Pampers saveers have a high absorbency along with the addition of a special fabric that does not absorb the back to keep the skin dry for 10 hours.
- Pampers 4: Pampers will keep your baby dry longer than ever, not only throughout the night, but also in the morning, thanks to Pampers' unique Pampers 4-layer absorbent system.
- Safety material: Cotton material combined with fine waterproofing, reverse deodorizing, deodorizing, anti-skin, provide the skin moisture necessary, the outer layer is super breathable membrane for optimal ventilation . All of them are made from the safest materials of the highest standards in America and Europe, so you can be assured of your baby's safety.
- Comfort and Convenience: With Pampers, it's more convenient for mom to change her diaper, giving her a comfortable play without being knocked out.