Downy Fabric Softener Passion

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Downy brand
For Adults
Suitable for normal skin
Uses Fabric softening, fragrance retention
Number  rinsing Many discharge times
Capacity: 800ml, 1,5L, 2,4L, 3,6L
Packing Bag
Place of production in Vietnam

Fabric care
+ Protect the fabric from ruffling.
+ Easy ironing, clothes.
+ Downy conditioner helps soften fabric.
+ Extend fabric life
Huong passionate
+ Give fragrant clothes all day long.
+ Fragrant longer than expensive perfumes.
User manual
+ Pour Downy into the final drain water or into the washing machine's water softener compartment. After rinsing, squeeze and dry as usual.
+ Hand wash: 1/2 cap for 15-20 pieces of clothes.
+ Washing machine: 1 cap for 1 drum of washing machine. Do not pour directly on clothes. For the best effect for jean fabric, blankets, towels ... use an extra cover full of Downy.