Downy Fabric Softener Sunny

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Downy brand
For Adults
Suitable for normal skin
Uses Fabric softening, fragrance retention
Number of rinsing Many discharge times
Capacity 800ml, 900ml, 1,6L, 2,4L, 4L
Fragrant scent of sunshine
Packing Bag
Place of production in Vietnam

Concentrated recipe
+ Turn off the unpleasant smell.
+ Drain water helps soften the fabric.
+ Do not fade clothes.
Incense sunshine
+ Long aroma, for a long and fragrant day.
User manual
+ Pour Downy into the final drain water or into the washing machine's water softener compartment. After rinsing, squeeze and dry as usual.
+ Hand wash: 1/2 cap for 15-20 pieces of clothes.
+ Washing machine: 1 cap for 1 drum of washing machine. Do not pour Downy directly into the clothes.