Huggies Diaper Paste Newborn

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Newborn Huggies size NB (under 5kg) for baby from the first day of birth. The diaper is super soft and breathable from the inside out, thanks to the design of 1000 super absorbent and vertical grooves help penetrate quickly and spread the liquid, making the surface dry more than 10 times (**), the compartment prevent diaper rash effectively. Diapers also have spill-resistant walls behind and the two sides help prevent waste of wire out. Neonatal diapers can be used directly for baby, very convenient, no need to use cloth diapers. Newborn S size diapers for baby 4-8kg, followed by technology from diapers size NB, help care baby's skin. Baby diapers size S for baby from 4-8kg super absorbent, versatile flexible elastic back, baby comfort movement. Soft neonatal lining (NB1 <5kg, NB2 4-7kg) for use with cloth diaper, soft with Vitamin E & aloe to protect skin gently.