Mouthwash Listerine Cool Mint (500ml)

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Mouthwash Listerine Cool Mint (500ml) helps solve dental problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth decay and thorough cleansing of the oral cavity. For you slightly, will fresh, and fill the white light. Special fragrance fragrance, duplicate counter. Listerine - the leading comprehensive oral health product from Australia. Using a bottle of 250ml. Cleaning bad breath bad bacteria, 24 hours oral care, giving you the feeling of confidence in contact with people around. Sodium Flouride component type removes the bacteria of the gums and causes oral cavity, which helps to breath sweetly. Outsourcing for remove array, high tooth output. The clock has the effect of white tooth, they have the deep gear. The benefits of using a toothpaste to help protect teeth, healthy gums, bright white. Pool of the past of the second of the past of the second finger.