Nestle Wheat Milk

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Wheat flour Cerelac wheat milk for 6 months - Nestle Milk Cerelac wheat flour is a nutritious food for babies from 6 to 24 months. - Nestlé CERELAC Nutritional Nutrition Powder provides balanced infant formulas for miles of miles, vitamin A, C, iron, zinc, and nutritional supplements. - Nutlé flour is produced using CHE technology which helps to consume a portion of starch, making the dish mild and easy to digest. - Inside the Moistens, Vitamins and Minerals, Nestlé but preppem one prebio, non enhancement, boosting the big health. - Time is 6 months is it be used with the following food should be less. The food at this help for the development of the body, brain and the automatic version for you - Bread in contains very little or not contain a salt care protection it. - easy type, easy, it is created by the output of the natural data.