Onions Viet Nam

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Onions are used in many countries around the world as spicy vegetables for many dishes: stir-fried onions with meat, salad, vinegar, soup, live drink juice is good.

It is also a precious medicine to prevent some diseases very effectively.

In 100g onions have 88g of water, 1.8g of protid, 8.3g of glucide, 0.1g of fiber, 0.8g of ash and 38mg of calcium, 58mg of phosphor, 0.8mg of iron, 0.03mg of carotene, 0.03mg B1 , 0.04mg B2, 0.02mg PP and 10mg C ... are all essential nutrients for health. Many clinical trials have shown that onions act to lower blood cholesterol, reduce platelet aggregation and form blood clots - the cause of stroke heart attack. Scientists found in the onion phytoncid - a biocide that easily evaporates, kills fungi and other germs.