Soy Sauce Maggi 250ml

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Origin: Nestlé Vietnam Company Limited

Ingredients: Water, salt, natural fermented 100% soybean extract (containing wheat gluten) - natural ferrmented soya extract (containing wheat gluten) 142.8g, sugar, monosodium glutamata flavor (621), incense Synthetic soy sauce

Specification: 200ml / Bottle

Unit: Bottle

Use: Marinate food or dipping directly. Salty vegan can be used

Storage: Store products in a dry, cool place

Maggi-compatible soy sauce is made from natural fermented soybeans for a long time to help retain the soybean's delicious flavor, soak up soy sauce, and create natural colors. The composition of soy also works to prevent cancer and provide nutrients like potassium and fiber to help the body grow better. Moreover, the soy sauce production process is the best way to have products that meet 3-MCPD safety standards, so you can feel secure when using. Maggi premium soy sauce is bottled, convenient and easy to use. Products outside of use as a dipping sauce can be used to marinate ingredients, giving you delicious, attractive and nutritious food.

For over 100 years, Maggi has become one of the famous food brands. And that brand was built by the boss, the inventor Julius Maggi from the first days. So far, Maggi has conquered consumers thanks to its delicious taste, an important source of protein supplements in difficult times. Since then, the Maggi brand has become a universal symbol for all types of soy sauce and soy sauce in Vietnamese minds.